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Our German made WILPU Bi-Metal Blades offer better performance than standard saw blades and provide improved work safety linked to the shatter-resistant design.


The Tungsten Saw Blade offers outstanding cutting performance and product life in demanding application like hardened steel or stainless steel.


2 Sets of Heavy Duty die-cast high tension hack saw frames are available to complement our saw blade offer.


All our Bi-Metal blades are 100% compatible with standard 12” / 300 mm hack saw frames available in the Australian market.

12” / 300 mm Bi-Metal Hack Saw Blade Range:


Available in bulk and packs of 10


Bi-Metal -    18/32 TPI Combo

Bi-Metal -    18 TPI

Bi-Metal -    24 TPI

Bi-Metal -    32 TPI

Tungsten -   24 TPI

WILPU Tungsten Saw Blade is ideal for sawing stainless steel, hardened steel and galvanised bolts. They offer 2 cutting edges for extended service life.  

WILPU Bi-Metal Hack Saw Blades are shatter resistant and perfect for all application on site and in the work shop. They offer excellent performance and Long Service Life.

WILPU Heavy Duty Hacksaw Frame